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Ruminations and Fabrications

stories from a cloth-filled life

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I am a fruit preserving, iris growing, songbird feeding, bellydancing, table-top role-playing, reading (all types), music loving (all types), quilting, illuminated manuscript painting, SCAdian (though not lately), playing in the dirt, walking in the woods, swimming in the ocean, camping in the desert, making stuff, talking about ideas, sex ed teaching, singing, parenting, New England-dwelling Unitarian Universalist Sufi with eclectic pagan leanings.

I am a 39 year-old married mother of three sons, keeper of three cats, and owner of six sewing machines. My favorite color is orange and my favorite time of day is early, early morning, although I'm seldom up to see it.

I went to Hampshire College in the early 1990s, and graduated with a degree in Early American Women's History, specializing in textiles and finding historically non-dominant voices through artifacts. I've been quilting since 1989. I also spin, weave, dye, embroider, cane chairs and crochet, though to lesser degrees. I can knit, I just don't because my house would fill up with yarn! I've made needlelace and bobbin lace, and repaired fiberglass auto bodies. Basically, if it has the word 'fiber' in it somewhere, I've done it!