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Ist thoughts meme
Got this one from mutive. If you're interested in playing along, comment on this post and I will list five words I think of when I think of you. You then get to talk about these words and spread the love. (Or whatever.)

I got the following words: Quilts, intricate hair styles, traditional arts, gardening, and cute children.

1. Quilts
Even though I mademy 1st quilt block at 5 or 6, I didn't really start quilting until I was 18. And I had a big break (due to having tiny kids, see #5) for most of the Aughts. So even though I've been quilting for 20+ years, it's only in the last three that it's really taken off again. For about ten years it was just the occasional baby quilt, and barely that.

I have two distinct quilt loves - things that are wicked fast, done in a weekend (or would be without the needs of #5) simple things that only look complex, and very difficult fiddly blocks with lots of pieces or complex paper piecing or intricate needle-turn applique. Guess which one I do more often?

2. Intricate hair styles
I've always had long hair (except that time in 9th grade when I cut it), and I've always loved playing with it. I'd wear a lot more intricate hairstyles if I could get away with them - classical Japan comes to mind, along with medival Europe and various pre-contact American Indian tribes. Mostly, I wear it down, because I can do amazing things on *other people's heads* that are nearly pysically impossible for me to do on my own. As it gets colder, I'll be wearing it braided a lot more, to keep it from tangling horribly in my sweater collars, and maybe I'll do some complex things again.

I love the silver at my temples!

3. Traditional arts
Now this surprized me! I don't usually consider myself as being a traditional arts person, but when I think about it, I do have rather a lot of traditional arts skills. I always want to learn more! I'd love to be able to make cornhusk dolls, or can food well, or make braided rugs!

4. Gardening
This is a buddign hobby (no pun intended, really!). My mom always had a big garden when I was a little kid, and I love the idea of growing mor eof my own food. And flowers! I want lots and lots of fruit-bearing trees, and bird/butterfly flowers.

5. Cute children
They really are, aren't they?! It's kind of amazing watching my boys grow up; I feel so honored and blessed to have kids I really respect and admire.

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