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How'm I doin'? - a lists update

40 in 40 list

1 Take a bubble bath and read a book while soaking
2 Contact all my cousins and my parent's cousins, particularly Joe Lord and the South African Swedes
3 Do the 100 Push-ups program - last time I got to 75
4 Do the 200 Sit-ups program
5 Hang up the family pictures
6 Hike the ridge across from Poet's Seat with the family
7 Bike to Unity Park with the family
8 Go canoeing with the family
9 Get physical therapy for my hip
10 Donate blood, or at least try to
11 Join the League of Women Voters
12 Join Historic Deerfield
13 Visit Old Sturbrige Village
14 Climb Mt Monadnock with the family
15 Conquer my reservations about stovetop cooking
16 Get metal markers for the iris and other plants
17 Schedule a monthly afternoon with each of the older boys
18 Plant a garden
19 Make jam, applesauce and pickles
20 Swim in the ocean
21 Publish my uncles WWII letters, or significantly work toward it
22 Learn a new needlework skill
23 Paint a Baronial scroll
24 Enter an Arts & Sciences competition
25 Enter the county fair
26 Learn three new songs, and sing more in general
27 Visit Montreal with the family
28 Start and keep a book journal
29 Read "In the Garden" by Samuel Lewis
30 Increase our life insurance policy
31 Build a professional website
32 Learn more summer constellations
33 re-learn pattern-making on the inkle loom
34 Visit the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum with the family
35 Put up a disc swing in the back
36 Go contra dancing with Vincent at least six times
37 Finish my 52 outstanding quilt projects
38 Set up and keep regular phone dates with my mother-in-law
39 Print off the stack of photos in the 'to print' file
40 Scour the various places I post on-line and collect the bits I want to print out and keep

12 down, 28 to go.

52 UFOs (57 quilts listed, because I added 5 after the first count)

Daisy Boxes - gave to guild to finish and donate to charity; half credit
2010 Snippets - BBQBL
Peggy's Posies - BBQBL
Elliot's Stacking Coins - QBL; progress!
Gone w/Jacob - gave to guild to finish and donate to charity; half credit
Use the Force, Elliot - BBQBL
Lemonade - gave to guild to finish and donate to charity; half credit
Flight of Fancy - QBL; progress!
Fiendish Glee - BBQBL
Kiss Me in the Garden - SBT - BBQBL
Guardians- SBT - BBQBL
Pink + Black Linus - FINISHED
Purple Dragon - needs lots of work - I have the fabric and some key pieces
Pinksplosion - BBQBL
3 Good Reasons - Borders, BBQBL
Peach Blossoms - SBT - BBQBL
Emily's Sky - FINISHED
Lady Sing the Blues - FSCT - BBQBL
Queen of Heaven's Crown - BBQBL
Elements - BT, BBQBL
Piggy in the Puddle - BT, BBQBL
Dandelions - BBQBL
Delectable Strawberries - CSBT, BBQBL
Geisha Window - CSBT, BBQBL
Dinostars - CSBT, BBQBL
All That Jazz - SBT, BBQBL
Cleopatra - SBT, BBQBL
Rapunzel - SBT, BBQBL
Kachinas - needs everything but the pattern
Sun+Mum=Dahlia - needs everything but the pattern and some of the fabric
Leafdance - BBQBL
Window to Summer - BBQBL
Wonderpool - needs everything but the pattern and some of the fabric
Lindsay's Baby Blocks - FINISHED
Walk in the Woods - BBQBL
Sebastian's Trains - FINISHED
Elliot's Animals - FINISHED
Tovey's Bright Winter Star - BBQBL
Buggy Stars - FINISHED
Debra's Car Quilt - FINISHED
Alia's Vintage Stars - FINISHED
Alia's Vintage Baskets - minor quilting left
Esther's Woolen Quilt - needs a new back, some new blocks
Abigail's Still Waters Run Deep - FINISHED
Hannah's Frolic in the Garden- FINISHED
Neka's The Sky's the Limit- FINISHED
Green Stars - quilt commission; half credit
Tulips and Flowers - quilt repair; half credit

These are my Mother-in-law's UFOs that I've been given to finish, so although they are on the list, they didn't start with me, so they *could* only count as half mine.
Veea's Pinwheels - SBT, BBQBL
Veea'sBear Paw - SBT, BBQBL
Veea's Courthouse - BT, BBQBL
Veea's Sunbonnets - SBT, BBQBL
Veea's Garden - BT, BBQBL
Esther's Black -SBT, BBQBL
Lillian's Pink - SBT, BBQBL
Ellen's Peach - SBT, BBQBL

12 down, 45 to go. 41 if my MIL's only count as half.
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