October 15th, 2009


The Unexpected Mermaid - my Blogger's Quilt Festival entry

My entry in the Blogger's Quilt Festival is really quite recent. I thought about other quilts, and even took some out to look at, but this one is the one. This quilt started as a challenge to my guild from a local independent clothing design house, to make quilts using their (mostly rayon) scraps. I was late in getting started, due to a)joining the guild late in the challenge and b)not getting fabric until July 16th, for a challenge due in August. There's a tag on the side just for Mermaid, if you want to see the progress.

This quilt is filled with new things I'd never tried - faux chenile in the sea-weed on the lower left, seriously padded applique on the figure, the needle-lace shiksa mirror, and this is the most surface texture of any quilt I've made so far. It's also filled with things I've loved and had kicking around my studio for years, like the fish bead, the bit of coral-colored velvet ribbon, and the blue-green cut-glass beads in the upper right.

Lastly, this quilt is full of my grandparents and great-grandparents. My great-grandmother made the lace doily that became the anenome at the lower center. My great-grandfather and both great-grandmother's button collections are represented in the mermaid's tail. All the little metal findings came from my grandfather's work in the aeornautics division of Bendix Corp. I know exceeedingly little about his working life, and he died only two years ago. I'm glad to have these bits of what was common-place to him turn into the unexpeced on my quilt.